Procurement - Synergya by Hakoona

How much time do you spend gathering the information to make your purchasing strategy? What if it was readily available without complex Excel tables and endless discussions with your internal stakeholders?

We bring together the data from your systems and the knowledge of your experts to provide all the insights you need for a winning purchasing strategy. 360 vision of your suppliers, including spend, PN, Price, Technology, Product, BOM, Risks, ESG compliance, OTD, KPIs, Quality, and anything else that matters, will be right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

How many times do you argue with the Finance department on the savings generated? Present your key stakeholders with unambiguous and reliable data, and make alignment easy. Our unique methodology helps you tailor your message to your audience, in their own terminology.

We will deliver everything you need to supercharge your procurement strategy, without disturbing your running business or impacting your IT landscape.