ESG - EcoSphere by Hakoona

Are you affected by the new ESG regulations of 2024? Yes. Most likely. The new EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) applies to large and medium companies, excluding only companies with less than 10 employees or EUR 20 million in turnover.

What if you could report on all the 80 mandatory disclosure requirements and 800 data points without making a major investment into dedicated technology, or running against the clock to meet the compliance requirements for 2024?

Generating data, capturing data, preparing it, and auditing or assuring it all take time and money. With Hakoona, ESG compliance does not need to be a large, stressful, and disruptive initiative. Find the required data and bring it together without distracting your business experts.

We deliver synergies between your ESG compliance efforts and your strategic ambitions. No need for dedicated solutions; we will use your existing data capabilities - or help you create them in parallel with the project.

Get compliant, stay compliant, and turn compliance into a competitive advantage. Our approach allows you to adjust to future regulations, and cover more requirements - like helping your customers with their ESG Compliance - as part of your Business As Usual.