About us

Hakoona is born out of the pursuit to make data discipline simple and accessible for everyone in the business. Before there was Hakoona, there was a Think Tank .

Before there was a Think Tank, there was a frustration with so many datacentric initiatives failing, so much complexity in the Data domain, and a gap between the Business and the IT that seemed to grow only larger as technology progressed.

We have been there. We have seen cutting-edge innovation projects being shut down because data could not be delivered on time and with quality required, while stakeholder commitment dwindled and disappeared, and sponsor focus shifted elsewhere.

We know first-hand how hard it is to help an organisation become data-driven.

We had an ambition to make a change. For over 5 years we worked on approaches and accelerators to enable datacentric initiatives to succeed. Together with industry and Academia innovators from all over the world, we created, tested, and perfected our methodology and expanded our toolkit with smart solutions to help reduce time-to-data for everyone.

We used it to help companies in the Research, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Distribution, and Financial sectors to exchange data with their industry peers, deliver digital initiatives, rescue failing Digital Transformation programs, make a first step towards AI adoption, and integrate newly acquired companies.

Now with Hakoona, we can bring it to you.

For Community Profit

Did you know that if companies allocated just 15% of the cost of their failed digital initiatives to helping the world, that would be enough to achieve universal access to safe drinking water?

We believe that every great idea must make an impact on humanity and the planet. This is why we created Hakoona as a For Community Profit enterprise. Our contributions are linked to our results. This is how we do it:

Are you an organisation that is active in education, poverty reduction, or nature conservation or restoration domains? Contact us on forABetterWorld@hakoona.com

Our team

Nice to meet you! Our team is here to help you reach your goals leveraging your data.

We are a diverse and multidisciplinary team. Each of us has at least 10 years of experience in Data Management, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Strategy, and Data-Driven programs. Our technology experts are certified in Azure and AWS, and our Data experts are at least a CDMP Practitioner level.

Some of us will be working with you on your datacentric initiatives; others are busy in our R&D lab, perfecting our methodology, building our accelerators, and working on our product (yet to come).

Our founding team carries over 100 years of Data consultancy and Data Innovation

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Andreas Ă•ismaa

CEO & Head of R&D

24 years in Data, from Data Engineer to Chief Data Officer. 10 years in top-tier Consultancy companies delivering Data programs to large multinational customers in Oil&Gas, Telecom, Financial, and FMCG industries.

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Veronique Rupp


30 years experience in Digital Transformation. IBM Certified Complex Program Manager Consultancy Supply Chain and Procurement Service Line Leader MDM Leader for Industrial Sector Operations Manager. Leading high-complexity international programs in Oil&Gas, Telecom, Financial and Electronics industries.

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Eelco de Vries

CXO & Head of Product

20 years of creating digital products for humans. Pioneer of Data UX discipline. Leading design-driven solution creation in Financial, Public, Telecom, and Insurance industries.