Tada! - Ontologies made simple

Does this sound familiar? You have a meeting with a business expert, you take the notes, draw on the whiteboards, then based on your notes you create a model, and have the business expert validate and OK it.

We have observed this activity and concluded that a single hour of business expert input results in 6-8 hours of processing by a highly experienced Semantic Architecture professional.

What if you could create a model just as the expert is talking? Get instant feedback, click a button and ... TADA! You have a perfectly viable ontology ready to hit the triplestore!

As simple as a mindmap, and as easy to learn, Tada! brings your Knowledge Graph closer to the business user, and provides your Ontology team with a 500% acceleration. It democratises the Knowledge Graph by finally delivering an experience every business user can embrace.

Drag, drop, type, click - Tada! Your Knowledge Graph is ready!