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SemanticNatives Academy

KnowledgeGraphs are stated as a Critical Enabler on Gartner Emerging Tech Impact Radar. They are the go-to approach for interoperability within and outside the organisations, as well as the solution to Data Governance and Metadata challenges.

Does the scarcity and cost of professionals who can create actionable, value-adding knowledge graphs stand in your way to adopting this powerful innovation? Or, as an individual, would you like to be one of these rare and valued professionals?

What if instead of hunting for unicorns on the market you could grow your own Semantics professionals in house?

SemanticNatives Academy will teach you the art and science of capturing the knowledge of your organisation in a human- and machine-readable way and relating it to the data in your systems.

How to be a demiurge

From the authors of the Method of Applied Semantics and the paradigm of Information UX, How to Be a Demiurge is a course that will teach you:

The course is for everyone: from a business expert to a business-savvy IT developer. It requires no prior technical skills. People who are already familiar with SemanticWeb, and even experienced ontology developers, will also benefit from it.

The course comes with games that will help you develop the Knowledge Mindset, a ton of practice exercises, and a final graduation project that you can carry out on a real use case of your organisation, under supervision of our trainers. You can start delivering business value immediately. After the assignment, you get a certificate.

Let's TOLK!

This separate module will teach you to build agile interoperability solutions that will enable your systems to talk to each other - without mapping tables, complex integration programs, or endless analysis. TOLK is a toolkit that you can implement in your organisation to remove the pain of systems integration - forever - while reducing the governance effort and avoiding disturbance to your business experts.

You will do a graduation project to connect two (or more, if you wish) systems and enable them to seamlessly exchange data. How to Be a Demiurge is a prerequisite to taking this course.

Certification and support

After the graduation project, you will receive a certificate. Each course offers a separate certificate. Once certified, you will become part of Applied Semantics community, and will receive methodology updates and exclusive invitations to our events and use case walkthroughs.

We offer support services to review the work you will be doing after the course and answer any questions you may have. If your participation is paid for by your company, once you have obtained the certificate, your company qualifies for a discount on our support services.


SemanticNatives Academy standard class consists of 3-5 students that will have 2 lessons a week of 1,5 hour each, for the duration of 4 months (or 6 months, including Let’s TOLK!).

The cost of the course is EUR 2000 per student, or EUR 5000 with Let’s TOLK! module. Taking Let’s TOLK! module grants you a free license on TOLK toolkit.

Graduation project is not included into the course duration, so you can spend all the time you need to create something of real value for your organisation. Graduation project cost is EUR 2000 per student per course. If you are participating as an individual and don’t have a real enterprise use case for your graduation project, you can do a project on a fictitious use case provided by Hakoona. The cost of graduation and certification is EUR 500 in this case.

We can tailor the course for your needs. Get in touch to ask for an offer.

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