Eva - Data made simple

Imagine.... Your organisation has a Business Expert that knows everything about your business and about your data, speaks the lingo of every silo, and is able to step in to enforce quality and prevent misunderstandings. Imagine this Expert available 24/7, for everyone in your organisation, from CEO to Developer.

Meet Eva by Hakoona: the ultimate Data Democratisation platform that helps anyone in your organisation to understand the business, locate the relevant data, and use that data in a safe, compliant, and ethical manner to generate new knowledge.

Reduce the discovery time of your digital projects by over 80%. Get a one-click overview on data compliance. Support your business and IT evolution with an instant impact analysis. Locate and request the datasets with a simple workflow. Establish data trust and leave the poor data and information quality in the past.

Accelerate, remove the risks, and unlock the data-powered innovation for your whole organisation. Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your data by over 70%. Make your data capability business-literate and close the business-IT gap forever. Get all the metadata in a way tuned just for your needs, and empower the Business to own and maintain it.

Eva delivers your Information Architecture, Metadata, Compliance, and MDM capabilities - all in one package easy to use for both your IT and your business stakeholders. Every user can interact in a way that is most comfortable to them, speak their natural language without fear of misunderstanding, and explore the others’ perspectives in a safe and guided manner.

Eva makes your data work for your people.