Voila - Interoperability made simple

Data reconciliation is on the critical path of cross-silo digital transformation, M&A, Data Lake, and AI initiatives. Recognising the same thing across different systems. Mapping the data from one system to another. How long does it take? How long before you see the first tangible results?

Just a couple of sprints with Voila! Start small, create a model, feed the data from multiple systems - and voila, the systems understand each other and can talk - without mapping tables, without lengthy analysis, and without any fear of rework.

Unlock transactional interoperability, feed your new digital solutions with master data that spans multiple domains and business silos, and make your transactions from distant silos instantly look like they came from the same system.

Voila is agile and resilient in the face of change. It evolves together with your understanding of the business and the systems - with no rework and no impact to the targets already consuming master data.

Voila is not locking you into one data domain - you can manage all of your master and reference data as a single connected universe. Unlock cross-silo optimization, support what-if analysis,build operational compliance solutions 1000 times quicker, and feed your digital initiatives from a single, agile, fully auditable and trusted source of master and reference data.

Voila - your master data is ready for you!