Finance & Insurance

From data defensive to innovation-centric

Is your Data Management team stuck with preparing for the audits, while your Innovation teams are trying to make their own way with data?

With us, you can go from defensive, compliance and governance-focussed data strategy to an innovation-centric data roadmap that turns your data into a monetized asset.

We can make your Data Compliance seamless and self-steering and ensure you are ready for any audit, any time, while enabling data democratisation and discovery for everybody in your organisation. Ensure Data Quality, seamlessly embed Data Management into your Architecture practices, and accelerate data-centric initiatives. Our unique take on Metadata Management and Data Governance will reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your data assets and enable your business experts to truly own your data.

With our method and accelerators, your internal innovators will be able to find and understand the information they are looking for, and use it safely, compliantly, and ethically to generate business value. Our team of Financial & Insurance industry experts will help de-risk your data roadmap and make it self-sponsoring, and help you understand and locate the data to get ready for the ESG reporting.