SCM - Optima by Hakoona

Turn the Digital Transformation of your Supply Chain into a stress-free journey with Optima.

Supply Chain is a complex value chain spanning across multiple business silos: from Procurement to Contract Management, from Logistics to Regulatory Reporting. Over 60% of Supply Chain transformations fail or get delayed because of complexity. Enabling so many distant perspectives to work together in perfect harmony is no easy task.

Our unique methodology allows you to break out of the silos without breaking them. It introduces an impartial interpreter that understands every process and every system, and helps them exchange information and data. It accelerates your digital initiative by removing heavy analysis and alignment sessions, and eliminates critical dependency on data. It reduces change management effort and promotes acceptance by ensuring every user can interact with your new digital solutions in their own way and using their own terminology. And business knowledge collected in the process can be used to relief your experts from answering the same questions over and over again and enabling users and analysts alike to discover answers by themselves.

You can start getting the value out of your new digital solutions, and make your initiative self-sponsoring within just a few sprints. Unlock the full potential of your supply chain with Optima by Hakoona.