Merger & Acquisition Integration - Fuse by Hakoona

Speed up the value of your M&A with Hakoona. Share information, get full overview of your whole group, access each other’s knowledge, and leverage the new economies of scale - within weeks, and with no disturbance to either company’s business or systems. Defer critical decisions, and remove heavy integration initiatives from the critical path.

You don’t need to wait for the systems or processes to come together to benefit from your new acquisition. We introduce an impartial interpreter between the two businesses and their systems.

Our unique methodology coupled with groundbreaking technology allows the AI-based Interpreter to acquire in-depth knowledge about your businesses and master the “language” of every system. You can start exchanging data and collaborating without forcing any part of your business to adapt to the other.

No adjustments required to your legacy landscape. No expensive and lengthy Master Data programs. The time-to-value of our approach is measured in weeks, not years.

Our delivery comes with no irreversible choices, and gives you the in-depth analysis you need for your critical integration choices. At the same time, you build the foundation to leverage all the knowledge within your Group. Evolving what we started, you can enable everyone - regardless of which company they come from - to discover and understand business knowledge, trace it to the data, and use that data in a safe, compliant, and ethical manner to generate new knowledge.