Jumpstart Your Data Journey

You need your data to work for you, and you do not yet have a specialised Data Team to rely on.

How to get started? What are the critical skills ? An Information Architect to build the strategy, a data architect with Cloud skills, a business analyst, a data scientist?

How to balance the strategy work against delivering quick results to foster energy and commitment on this new endeavour from your stakeholders?

You need to build your data capability. You want to understand and mitigate the related risks and get the benefits rapidly to fund your staff development.

No one has all these skills in one person. How many people do you need, and how do you make sure they are efficient together from day one?We bring you your fist data team with all the skills and experience to onboard your data journey. Your first data team is a cohesive team that is used to working together, shares the same methodology, and specialises in helping organisations just like yours in making the first steps towards monetizing their data. Every team member, from Architect to Engineer, is highly skilled not only in their subject matter, but also in establishing data literacy and creating data-driven organisational culture. And our Method Master will be there to support you as your trusted advisor.

With our flexible approach, you can scale your data team up and down as required. And when the time is right to establish your internal data organisation, our team will help you conduct interviews and select the best candidates for your internal data positions and hand them over what was underway.

Make your first investment into data scalable, efficient, successful and risk free.