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Is the complexity of your IT landscape dragging you down? Are regulatory requirements becoming hard to keep up with? Hakoona removes the complexity and accelerates time to value of your initiatives by providing pragmatic, value-based approach that puts the business first (and data and systems second). Our proprietary methodology based on years of experience delivers the first tangible value within a few sprints, with no disturbance to your experts or your systems. Together, we will evolve and include your internal experts, enabling you to build sustainably into the future.


What if you could embrace the diversity of perspectives without compromising on business integration and transparency? What if you could cater to every viewpoint and every lingo, and yet keep your processes digitally connected, and your Enterprise-level overview seamless and accurate?

Business silos often don’t share the terminology, and don’t describe their part of the business consistently with every other silo. On a large, cross-silo data & digital projects this creates a nightmare of workshops, standards, and common models, that alienate the users and push them back to their familiar, albeit not optimal, Excels and home-grown systems.

Change management on these initiatives can be hard and take time. It is also one of the main reasons why these programs fail.

Our team was the first to introduce the concept of Information User Experience: the ability of every user to feel at home in your digital world, regardless of where they come from and what their view on the business is.

Our method allows to understand and contextualise your business like never before. Every person using your digital solutions can now continue using their own terminology and see the data the way that is familiar to them, reducing the need for change management, preventing mis-understandings, and ensuring easy and seamless adoption. At the same time, processes and systems are enabled to talk and understand each other - with no change required.

Our team will help you deliver data & digital projects that fit your business like a glove. Minimize risk and rework by over 60%, accelerate your digital initiatives, and reduce the cost of ownership.

Focus on Knowledge

What if anyone in your organisation looking for answers could find the information, understand it, trace it back to the data in the systems, and be guided in safe, compliant, and ethical use of that data to generate new knowledge?

Say goodbye to costly and inefficient data management, slow and abstract data architecture, hundreds of hours spent by business experts answering the same questions all over again, and Data Scientists busy most of their time trying to find and understand the data.

Using our proven methodology, you can leave the old, expensive, and slow way of doing data behind, and embrace the power of unified knowledge of your enterprise by creating a business-literate data platform.

You can opt to join the beta-adopters of our technology to unlock the full power of the methodology, or rely on in-house tooling to support the answers to pre-defined business questions.